I should love drama, shouldn’t I?

I hate drama.

Ok,  wait a minute. That’s an understatement. I should love it. Right? Okay. I will love it. But no, why should I?

Am I too naive that I can get ideas from the drama in TV soap operas for the next chapter of my non-existing book? Spanish tela-nobela specially? Maybe Korean dramas.

To be honest, I used to watch it during my college days, but those days were over. Those were the times when I had to watch it  just to have something to talk to when my friends were talking about it. Haa…peer pressure.

The drama era  in my life is gone. And knowing that “Gata Salvaje” is a wild cat in English, I should have known how bad it was to watch a woman fighting with another woman in the middle of the road. And yeah, fighting for one guy? You gotta be kidding.  Well, lucky guy.

That’s the beauty of drama,  right? Fighting.  And more fighting, screaming and yelling. Does she have to yell? Or watching an antagonist kicking the protagonist butt? (Lol!) —

I actually didn’t know the meaning of that Spanish tele-novela until Sabrina, my Argentinian friend told me. “Oh really?

And then, my taste for drama turned sour. I mean—it really changed. Like, I stopped watching those things when my adventurous nature kicked in. Who wouldn’t like adventures and mysteries? Isn’t it something that people should be watching too? CSI case or Damages perhaps? Well, it’s under drama category actually. They called it drama in the courtroom.

But I should love drama. I should…i should…

Okay, I have to reveal something, this is what’s going on in my head when I watch a drama show, “Light, camera, action—, crryyy”. “Cutttt….”

Okay—that was too much. I mean, when I watch drama, I imagined the director screaming at the actor or actress to cry, to give it all and to really make the audience cry. Isn’t it something?

Okay, maybe—it’s me who has the problem. Definitely, I am the problem.

My roommate loved “Bold and Beautiful”. She heart every character in it. Well, not everyone of them. Just the one that she can relate to.

But really, I don’t like to watch it. And I hate TV. I don’t like TV. Do I have to force myself to watch TV? Do I have to? Okay, now— I think I sound like a drama queen.

So what if I don’t like it? Would the world go square?

Seriously, I should watch a drama show or soap operas. I should…i should…, shouldn’t I?

and  I hope my face and my brain won’t twist.

I think—it’s  just my stupidity. Did I know that most movies ever made have drama episode in it? I should have known better.


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