How long does it take to plan a wedding?


In two weeks time, you can have a perfect, smooth and stress free wedding. Really? Who are you kidding? The minister or the bride?

Planning a wedding can be time-consuming and very stressful event in your life. To avoid this, you need to have enough time to plan. If you happen to be Martha Stewart, I guess, or turn into a bridezilla-type of a bride; probably you can pull out a descent wedding. There are disadvantages and advantages however. If you plan the wedding in two years, there might be a chance that both of you may develop the “got-cold-feet syndrome” and the probability of watching the “Run Away Bride” movie may be the only thing happen at the end. On the other hand, giving yourself two years to plan can  be of stress free.

Financially, it would be of great advantage, saving enough money or more for the wedding. According to my research and wedding coordinator’s calculations, if you have a year- you are okay. If you have less than a year, you’re doom. So in my own interpretation, six months time may be hard but possible. Seven months is a challenge and eight months is quite a month to plan.

Ha! why? In eight months from the time I write this post, I am going to be somebody else. Quite right! In eight months time, the probability of turning into somebody else such as;

1. A sweet bride.

2. An angry bird este, angry bride

3. The bridezilla

4. Groom’s headache

5. or ; just a bride may 99.9% happens. One % is up to the weather. And yeah, let the planning begins.

the waiting


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