32 Bizarre Things that Happen On or Before or After You Got Engaged


If you are 30 + 2 + something,  plus you have no idea what it looks like to be engaged or how it feels like even, wait till you’re 42 and about; and you’re probably smart enough to figure out what’s going on the day your boyfriend proposes.

Oh really? Guess what?

Nobody tells you exactly what to do no matter how old 40+ something or young 20+ something you are . The trick is to go along with it and get your boyfriend to buy a ring and put it on your finger. Uhm, actually that’s a bad suggestion, you let your boyfriend decide when is the right time to buy the ring and let him put it on you no matter how bad or good the weather is out there.

Yes, that’s right. At 32, don’t push your boyfriend to put a ring on your finger unless you’re worried about the last tail of your egg cell (Does egg cell has a tail?). Because once he’ll asks to marry you, you’ll be blaming your brain cells for not letting you know what’s going to happen the day he proposes to you.

1. You’re supposed to be  the last person to know

The month or the previous month before your engagement, it seems like everyone ask weird questions. Out of the blue questions and questions that people supposedly not to ask.  Mostly, everyone has this bizarre look that you won’t supposed to get.  Your friends are supposedly give you the benefit of the doubt.  And everyone shouldn’t look at your ring finger.  If you are  smart enough to figure out and have the courage to strike them back, with questions, then, I dare you to do it. Just do it. Ask why they’re asking such strange questions. Don’t be like me who pretended not to know which I kind of know but pretending not to know. Ignoring their behavior might help.

In the long run, someone would blurt it out and just tell you anyway.

2. Ignorance is a bliss

Even though someone have told you that he’s going to ask but you’re not sure when or where, the feeling of just not knowing exactly makes you feel so left out and excited at the same time. Of course, your friends keep telling you something. Obviously, you’ve read the signs. Hints were so clear and  all you can do is wait and speculate. What’s so good about waiting and who says that waiting is a virtue?

It is actually blessed to be ignorant sometimes.

3. You’ll notice that your boyfriend’s thoughts are not with you

3 days before he’ll ask you to marry him, his mind is wandering somewhere between San Francisco and Monte Carlo or how to get a free ticket to a free show.

You’ll get it. One day.

4. Ice storm struck in the city (Toronto) that paralyzed half of the city

Tell me the power of the mighty and I tell you the power failure that happened on that day. Here’s the truth, you really have no control of what kind of weather when your boyfriend is going to propose. The day my boyfriend supposed to ask me to marry him, severe ice storm freezes the entire city and it actually ruined his original plan. There was a power failure on that day that resulted him to postponed his plan  on the following day.

Just my kind of day for a picture taking, isn’t it?

5. You’ll never know how he’ll propose

You may have the slightest idea that he is going to ask but you’ll never know how or when. Whether to sit, to stand or to hold your hands.

So you are on for a surprise

 6. He’ll ask through a prayer or however 

 Wait…how did he ask?

 My boyfriend and I were praying together and when it was his turn to pray, I heard his prayers at the very end, “God, if I  would have a gift this Christmas, I only want one gift and that is for me to have a wife”.  And God did put me exactly on the place to become an answer to a certain prayer.

“You want a wife, huh?”

 You dare not to laugh when somebody’s praying.

7. He’ll propose in a place you’ve least expect

 If you’re thinking about being ask on the highest CN Tower in Toronto, think again. I wouldn’t think less of Eaton Centre however; the place where I began to like him and used to met him once upon a time. History has its own destiny.

 8. He’ll propose on the day when you don’t take a shower. Ughh…

 Admit it that you have claimed to promise to yourself that you’ll be the most beautiful woman on the day he will ask you to be his wife. “But on one stormy day, on a negative degree weather, and the day you have decided to not take a shower was the day when he finally asked you to be his wife”

 9.You’re late to arrive to the place where he asks you to come

Better late than never? Actually, if you’ll know that it would be that day, you’ll wake up early and prepare yourself for such event.

10. You’ll get a big pimple right on the center of your chin.

Ha, ha, no way.

Yes, that’s true. No matter how you dream of having a no pimple/or clear as crystal face day on your engagement day, you’ll actually get one. Yes, I am positive that you’ll get one. Okay, probably you won’t and I’m just exaggerating. Lucky you I guess, but for a girl like me who-curse the day when genius people find out the definition of genes, I hate to tell you that, “I had a huge pimple on my chin smiling in the mirror on that day”

11.  You don’t get your favorite flowers

If books have told you that you can have your favorite flowers on your engagement day, books has a way of messing up your head and put stuff and white dreams on your mind.

You know what? Get over it. If your favorite flowers are not available in any season, especially during winter days, expect that your boyfriend would just let the flower lady pick up the most expensive flowers in a flower shop. Even if the bouquet cost more than half of your house rent. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But, if you’re that specific, my advice is to let your boyfriend know in advance on what kind of flower you want to get on your engagement day. If you really mean it and he won’t mind, I do believe that he’s willing to get those flowers even if he’ll climb the Mt.. Everest to get it.

You’ll never know what guys are capable of.

 12. Poetry doesn’t rhyme. Most of the time…

 Blessed were the days when Shakespeare was born. Does poetry really need to rhyme? It doesn’t matter.

 “Hare, hare, hare.

Here I come.

Come to thee, mi cherie. 

Share my life, mi amore!”

 He didn’t really write that. Besides, the line above is too corny. What am I saying is that even if poetry is your thing and you like your poem to rhyme. It doesn’t really matter as long as he poured his heart into his poem. You would think that it is the most unforgettable verses your heart could ever feel and the most brilliant poetry ever written in the history of poetry.

 13.  Not all guys propose on a bended knee

Traditionally speaking, every guy who proposes bend their knee and flaunt the ring in front of the girl. Kudos to those who gets nervous and forgets what they’re supposed to do. Whether to stand, to hold your hand or to sit. Everything is acceptable  as long they can pull out a move and not to run, everything is brilliant. Yes, brilliaaant!!

 14. iPhone fails when you need it the most 

When you have asked a friend to record the event and suddenly, battery dies.  BUMMER!

 15. He’ll get nervous when he inserts the ring

He suddenly gets the “guy-suddenly-freak-out” effect.

 16. That awkward silence after you say yes

And awkward smiles and thoughts like, hey what just had happened?

 17. Suddenly, you’ll suffer from “can’t-take-off-your-eyes-away-from-the-ring” syndrome

And you’ll realize how your hand looks when you read #18.

 18. Your hand is wrinkly and dry and you badly need a hand lotion

Yes,  the your-not-so-famous 100 years old look like hands.

 19.  You are desperate to take pictures with him in front of a Christmas tree or wherever

Wherever you are, you love to take your pictures and post it on Facebook.

 20. You’re thinking and start over analyzing about what will happen to your freedom? 

When you truly love a man and that man mean the world  to you and you to him, you’ll redefined your definition of freedom.

 21. You can’t  feel the excitement right away

You are processing mixed-emotions as if to feel something is the right feeling or what!

22. He’ll take you to  Starbucks and gets you a Caramel Macchiato – Grande!

img-thingNot too bad. You’ll  need a caffeine boost.

23. You would likely to have a lunch date celebration on a food court. Just you two.

 With broccoli and jerk chicken.

 24. He has to catch a plane four hours after he proposes

 And expect too many delays on the week of Christmas and negotiation with a flight attendant.

 25. You are carrying the flowers all the way from downtown Toronto to Toronto Pearson International Airport

and you are not so shy about it

 26. You’ll probably run errands for your family

And both of you may suffer from lack of sleep and you end up having a contest er yawning competition

 27.  Calling and telling your immediate family that you got engaged, and you’ll get a no reaction effect because they knew before you do.

And will tell your dad that you’re scared and his only reply, “You’re too old to be scared”

 28. You’re calling, emailing and texting your friends that you just got engaged

and it seems likely that you will hear ill feelings from your old friends for not letting them know in advance!

 29. You’re caught up with mixed emotions that you forget to cry

Everyone cries. Engaged couple should…

 30. You can’t seem to accept that you are the most blessed and feel so special on that day

And wondering, where would it go from here?

 31. You’ll be playing REWIND, REPEAT, PLAY just like a tape recorder

And when you are telling the story to people  on how he proposed, you’ll be convinced, 100%  that you are the luckiest girl on earth

32. You’ll share not a kiss! 

Just a hug probably.


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