5 Cool Things to Do After You Got Engaged


So you’re wearing the ring, now what? And hey, congratulations. You are engaged.However, there are few things that you need to do that might help you feel organized for your wedding.

1. Call everyone you know







Yes, make that call. Inform everyone that you got engaged. Nobody like to be the last person to know except your long lost friend of course. They like to be in the loop. It’s the latest news and everyone is excited when they hear the news. There’s no harm in telling. Come on, call.


2. Paint Your Nails

Paint Your Nails








When everybody knows that you got engaged, they really want to see the ring. Please, clean your nails. You wouldn’t like it if people see your wrinkly, dry and a hand that look like ninety years old. Put hand lotion every now and then. Especially when you got engaged in the winter, you badly need a hand lotion. I know that your friends and family are nice but somehow you’ll feel bad if you didn’t clean and paint your nails.

3. Craft a story on how he proposed








Write the story on how he proposed
Before your babbling  in front of your friends and family, write it down. Rehearse it again and again until nobody would asks you how your boyfriend proposed. Once you have written it down, it becomes simple and easy to tell them.

4. Save the Date Notice

Save the Date



You and your fiancee should sit a time and pick a date that you agreed to marry. Everyone will be asking and would like to know. Is it summer? Springtime? Or, fall? Maybe, winter. Your close friends and family would like to know exactly.

5. Get Organized








Start collecting magazines, clips, pictures and ideas for your wedding. Having a scrapbook for all of those things might help you reduce time and your budget. If you are thinking of getting a wedding coordinator, put that in your list of things.

A sort of warning: before you post and change your status on Facebook, make sure that you call someone who is close to you. Don’t let Facebook and other social media ruin your relationship with others.




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