Step by Step Guide in Planning for your Wedding

Just got engaged? Well, congratulations! This will definitely be a memorable and exciting moment in your life. Therefore, it’s obvious that you`ll get dizzy with happiness and burst with anticipation as you`ve met the man or woman of your dreams and you have decided to get married. Now it’s time to plan your wedding; the official celebration of your love and commitment. But you are worried on how to get started. Fret not, because you only need a few tips that to help you through the planning for your wedding. So what do you need to do in planning for a perfect day?

 Planning your budget 

 This is usually the hardest yet the most important aspect of a wedding. Before you even get started on anything, you should have a number that you wish to spend for you wedding. After that follow this formula in allocating the money:

  • · Half of the money should cater for the reception
  •   About 10% for flowers
  • · 8% for the attires
  • · 8 to 10% for entertainment
  • · Photo and video 10% and about 2% for the invites
  • · The other 10% should go to catering for gifts and miscellaneous expenses

 Remember, whether you have $1000 or $100,000 you can be sure to get a venue and services that suits your needs. It might also come as good idea if you buy a wedding insurance but again ensure that every action you take is within your means.

 Prepare for your guests

 Get a grip on the number of guest that wish to invite to your wedding. Then make a guest list; which will also assist you to settle on a suitable venue. My advice is quite simple. When writing your list, begin with people who are closest to the two of you, key players, best man and bridesmaid. Be sure to write down everyone you think of so that you do not overlook anyone important. After that you can strike out some people as both you and your partner consult on the matter.

Finding a perfect venue

At this point when planning for a venue, it is my hope that you have a rough wedding date on your mind. This is certainly no easy task but with a little effort and help from friends or family you can easily see it through. Whether you will get married in church or a hotel garden or whichever venue you choose, ensure that it is reliable. Also provide accurate directions to you guest

Buying your wedding rings and the dress

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 This is actually the most fun part of the wedding preparation process. So take time to shop around for your dream gown and no matter your shape or size you`ll definitely get something suitable. Buy all other wedding attires in advance including the accessories and the rings to avoid delayed delivery.

 Pay it forward

 In case you are not familiar with where you can get a particular service, let one vendor lead you to another. Your wedding photographer can inform you which florist blooms really pop. And while still at it you reception manager can let in on you which band packs the dance floor.

Final touches 

This is an overall review of all the activities or services that you expect to have for your big day. Check whether every important detail has been taken care of. Also Ensure that you cater is reliable and seek help to finalize on everything because others might look beyond you and help you avoid hitches on the actual day.

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