3 Things You should Never Say or Do to “Just a Friend”



If you’re a guy and wanted to build friendship with girls, do not say things that will complicate your relationship with them. Saying things beyond what you can do or give is like Japan throwing bombs on Pearl Harbor. Okay, I’m exaggerating. I’m saying that being careful on the words you utter to a woman would save you from a big amount of trouble in the long run.

If you’re thinking that you can get them by your alluring charisma,  infinite charm and undying praises, lucky you but think again. You wouldn’t want them to shut you off entirely at the end when they find out that your words and praises are just an empty words. If you haven’t known, there are rules and boundaries in friendship. Being careful of what you say in front of them would save you and them from hurt. 

These words and phrases below are very special in the heart of the woman.

1. You and I are so special.

This phrase is very meaningful to every woman. It’s like an endearment to her heart and a promise that you are just making.  When you say this to a woman, it means your relationship with her is so precious and so unique that no other woman could surpass it. However, if you can’t back up your words with action, you’ll regret the day you say the words. Once a woman finds out that you are doing this to every woman you have met, beware. Have you heard about woman and her anger? You don’t want to meet her in person. If you are not scared with the bullets flying on the air, be ready with the flying “eye dagger” that would pierce through your very core. Okay, not really. Let’s just go to #2.

2. You are my best-friend and I want to marry my best friend.

Somehow, you have said something that just too precious for her to hear. Of course, everyone would like to marry their best friend and whichever tone you have choose to say it, it comes down with a promise. Yes, a promise that one day, you and her would end up together. Oh sure, you haven’t declared your love for her and your agenda of why you are saying it,  but the phrase above have said it all.  You are walking in a thin thread just by saying this. Forget about how dangerous it is to detonate a bomb, because the moment she hear this, you have planted a bomb in her heart that would explode at any moment once you’ll make a mistake.

3. You are calling her every day and night.

Phone calls are too personal. When you call her and tell her everything about you, your dreams, your vision and goals and how things have been, it means something to a woman. The fact is that you are making an effort to call her day and night, it looks like you are thinking of her quite often. Giving her a phone call regularly is quite something. There are Golden Rules for Phone Call if you haven’t read it, go ahead read.

You see, even Sigmund has a trouble of understanding the heart and mind of a woman. How it works and how it function. I think only God knows the heart of every woman. The world knows that woman and man are different form of species; how their mind works are entirely different from yours. You have heard it many times that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and when it comes to friendship and dating Mars and Venus has to declare war on Earth once the rules of engagement is breach. How would they patch up their relationship? It depends on how much they both love Jesus Christ.

For sure, you haven’t declare your intention and your inner purpose of why you’re saying these words,  but if your action says so, be prepared for the war that you are unintentionally started. Remember that action speaks louder than words. Be careful on how you say it and how you do it in front of her. To hurt a friend is worse than hurting a pigeon in the hunt.

Women don’t forget too easily. Or perhaps it depends on every woman. However, if you want to build friendship and you just want to put her on your “friend zone list”, don’t give her any hint and signs of you liking her too much as more than friends, especially when you are too good looking to resist. Of course, the blame isn’t yours alone and to claim. Woman has it fault too beyond its cure. Remember, it takes two to tango. She has to take the blame too in the article written next.



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