Three Red Signs That You are Dating a Vampire

If you meet a guy like Edward Cullen on a vampire movie, with all the vampire(est) symptoms there is, your feet will absolutely curl to its curliest.

Really? Be aware however, you might regret it as humanly as possible, when you meet him and he will turn you into blood-sucking vampire.

That’s absolutely very deadly. But before you run away towards him or away from him, be sure to read these three deadly red signs.

1. Red Lips.

His lips is crimson red, oxblood red, cherry red, or whatever red. Just one look at his lips, your lips will absolutely wishing to launch for a thousand kisses. They have the kind of lips that could make the girls fall for, die to kiss for, and make everything possible. As what vampire victims usually  suggest, “Enticed me to death”.

2. Red Eyes.

You know that part that is responsible for controlling the diameter and the size of the pupil? In science, it’s called iris. If his eyes is as red as Victoria in twilight movies, think again.

Who got a red eye? Vampires.  Beware though, he might a drug addict too.

3. His Favourite Colour is Red.

First thing that you should ask when you’re dating someone, “What’s your favorite colour?” If it’s red, that’s really too bad. You know why they like red? Red is the colour of the human blood. They only like to sip your body fluids. It makes them strong and healthy.

If you noticed these three signs, the verdict is–you might be dating a vampire. However, dating a vampire must be full of an adventure.

So are you willing to take chances?


Warning: Anything written above is based on author’s imagination. There’s no guarantee that whatever comes and out in author’s imagination is  true. Whatever circumstances  while you’re reading this, please do not attempt to blame the author if you are indeed, dating a vampire. This article is for entertainment purposes only.


  1. Guy err, lady in Red date .. I enjoy reading this, Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. This is interesting. I haven’t thought of this before. Great piece!

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