It is a truth that most bride of this generation has to suffer from a momentary stress in order to push herself to distress the matter at hand. For quite sometime,  a bride has to figure out some moves in order for her not to think of much about her wedding, but the marriage in general. The fact that most bride couldn’t escape the fact that she is going to get married sooner than later, and her life has to change, that, of course is a lot to think of.

The stress that builds up by the time of planning made the bride to think and question herself, “Is this worth it?”

Now, who’s asking? Is it worth to plan for? Is it worth to give up something she has been preparing for many years?


What do you think?

People thought that being a bride is just a bride on a wedding day and the time of engagement period.

I have to disappoint that belief by disagreeing the thought itself. I say, no. It’s not just on the wedding day. Wedding day is the start of something bigger, deeper, and longer than forever. If there is longer than forever, I think that should suffice.

A bride shouldn’t think only  on her wedding day but what comes after that.  For sure, there will be celebration on a specific date, a date chosen to get married. However, the preparation itself may cause the bride to get distracted and bombarded by certain demands. What needs to be done and what comes after next; and endless question like, “how is it going?” For sure, this is what causing the bride stress and pimples popping after another; and two nights struggle to sleep.

She, however, couldn’t deny that she love someone so much that whatever stress comes after the preparation is nothing compared to what she feels toward the groom. A bride could do something radical for her groom, not to impress him or any other, but to let him think and acknowledge that he is going to marry someone who’s worth than the stress she is suffering.

Now, the bride has to redirect her thinking and think about the bigger picture. But before she could distress the stress, she has to do something to help her stand.

  • Pray
  • Pray hard
  • Pray harder
  • Pray a lot.



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