How to Annoy a Guy in Five Ways

There are instances in  girl’s life that to be annoying is one of the best recipe to spice up a boring relationship. To do this, a girl should acquire lots of guts to do it. To be annoying isn’t simple,  it takes a lot of effort and of course – being  labeled as pain is  the *88.


Oh well, if you’re aiming to annoy a guy, you should remember the saying, “that whatever you do to others, it will come back to you in  thousand folds”.

Be warned that you will  face consequences afterwards.


However, if you  really want to annoy him because you wanted to seek attention, you hate him of ignoring you, ending up the relationship is a good option. Cut to the chase and just be direct. But if you want to break up the relationship and you don’t don’t know where to begin, these five tips might be  solution to your dilemma.

1. Ring the phone always.

Cell phones are the guys enemy. According to research, a guy typically only uses the phone for information and direction purposes. But, using it more than an hour like the girls do is not their cup of tea. They prefer to talk in front of you than to talk to you by phone. Calling him more than once, or even a thousand times, can make their head ache and throb. You may hear from his best-friend that, “You are such a pain.”

 2. Text

If you’re not satisfied with simply calling, thousand messages on his inbox might land you in his outbox. You can text him with nonsensical things. This might change his mind about you and will try some ways to be away from you. Or if not, they shut their phone off from your messages.

  3. Act Like His Mother.

Scold him always. Be his mother, don’t be his friend. Guys love to be scolded as a friend or scolded by his lover, but if you’re his girlfriend and you’re trying to act like his mother, it becomes annoying to him. He already sermonized by his mother and if you add up to it, that might change his mind about you.

If you’re not the nagging type, being annoying can be somewhat a hard job for you; and all of these may be difficult to achieve.

  4. Be Unpredictable.

Women are known to have a mind like a weather, ever changing. Change your mind always. Be unpredictable. At times, a man cannot handle it himself and sometimes his trying to ignore it. But, since you aim to annoy him, bug him all the time and one of your tactics is to be unpredictable.

If you and your guy have a plan, to have a dinner outside, just say, “I change my mind” or change the settings. If both of you have plans to eat in a Chinese restaurant, just say, “I want to eat in a Greek restaurant instead.” Well, are you that spoiled? I’m sure he’s controlling his own nerves. Guys do have nerves, don’t they?

  5. Bug Him or be a spy.

Bugging him on his favorite game or  taking the remote control away from him at the peak of his favorite game can make his anger busted out. He may try to control it at first, but be aware that if he will not land his fist on the wall, it may land on your face. You might get a black eye after you break up with him.

Getting on into his own privacy is another thing. Being his eyes and being a detective can be a big turn off. If you don’t, respect his privacy, it’s a big issue. So who cares, anyway? Your aim is to annoy him, so you’re at your winning moment, aren’t you?

Difficult or easy? I recommend not to do it. If you want to break the relationship, be straight. If you want to seek attention, don’t do what’s written  above.

After all, these article is just for entertainment only.

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