25 Serious Signs That You’re Falling Out of Love


Feelings are just feelings and if feelings gone awry, your relationship with someone will get affected. Before you hurt your partner, you should know the signs before it gets worse.


1. You noticed that every thing you’ve done with the person are repetitive.

2. You find his hair kinky or smelly.

3. If he could just change the way he dressed up, it may be cooler.

4. You make an issue out of nothing.

5. You commented the way he drives the car.

6. You don’t like the restaurant he picks.

7. You stop telling the person how good he looks.

8. Instead, you’re telling him how bad he smells.

9. You don’t want to spend the weekend with him.

10. You’re making an obvious and stupid reasons not to be with the person.

11. You don’t cook anymore for the person.

12. You make your mistakes his mistake.

13. You become secretive. You don’t want to share anything anymore.

14. Everything becomes boring.

15. You never forget his birthday but you choose to not remember.

16. You become selfish.

17. You don’t want to be touch.

20. You become moody.

21. You blame him for anything.

22. You just smile when he said “I love you” but you won’t say “I love you too”

23. You don’t want to meet his friends and families.

24. You will not pick-up the phone when you see his name flashing on the screen.

25. You always break his heart.

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