Emma Shandy

Been there, done that is here favorite phrase. But no matter how many times she thought she fails, she will keep doing it again and again. And again. Till someone up above will take her breath away. Write ON!

Write Me a Piece of Your Unwritten Story

Define memory. A past. An unwritten feelings and emotions cut through the heart and mind. Memory is a memorabilia of images and pictures of the past. Old letters, stationary of colors, hues and they are the sepia of the mind. They are memory of the mind. Others keep them and some people simply throw them away. The one who keep it treasure them but the one who throw it away is another story. Pages of smiling faces, black and white, neon colors create words to make a story.


14 Rules for Suffering

1.  You are not alone. Don’t be alone and don’t feel that you are alone.…


Where Have All the Persuasive Men Gone?

To a man who’s thinking that Valentine’s day isn’t for him because no woman would like to hang out with him, think again. Every single woman would like to make a man smile. Just do your move. Make that first move. A girl like it so much if a man approach her or asks her out. Any kind of man. It made her heart flutter like a butterfly and floating in the clouds. Whether a man is yellow, purple , black, white, brown and any other colors in the crayola world, it doesn’t matter.


The Desire to Be Pure

  I have known that I worship an amazing God who can move mountains and…